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CGI News: London and Gothenburg, January 5th, 2022

A truly circular use of oil.


CGI has an end-to-end business model capable of supporting customers in delivering solutions for their specific waste stream and CO2 reduction requirements. These include:


waste audits, feasibility studies, technology selection processes, industrialisation, consulting and design for the conversion of specific waste streams into clean, usable, higher value end-products;

Technology package supply

design, engineering, and delivery of key equipment required to achieve a successful implementation of the relevant solution;

Circular economy

value distribution including trading in sustainable and
waste-to-value output products;

Construction and operation

Construction oversight and operation of waste-to-value
plants as principal;


Co-investment in waste-to-value and CO2 reduction projects

We are Christof Global Impact

Christof Global Impact “CGI” has been established as a leading industrial process engineering business, focussed on delivering technology-led, waste-to-value and emissions reduction solutions, for a blue-chip customer base covering multiple geographical and end use markets.

Our History

Over the last 10 years, demand for waste and emissions reduction solutions has accelerated dramatically. Corporations, particularly those with heavy industrial extraction, manufacturing and processing operations have come under increasing pressure to reduce waste streams and emissions, driven by national and local government regulations, rising landfill taxes, rising carbon EU Emissions Trading System prices, and the onset of mandatory circular economy requirements (especially in the EU). Additionally, in many cases these companies are coming under increasing institutional shareholder pressure to improve ESG credentials and set out decarbonisation strategies and climate friendly transition pathways.

The CGI Platform

The CGI platform has been developed over the last 25 years within Christof Industries, a leading, privately owned, Austrian-based process engineering solutions group that has grown significantly through three generations of leadership by the Christof family. Having delivered more than 4500 international projects, gaining the requisite knowledge and experience, the CGI Group team has leveraged this, and developed proprietary process engineering capabilities across more than 20 different waste-to-value and emissions reduction technologies, applicable to over a dozen commercial, municipal and industrial waste streams.

We can create:

We're targeting the elimination of 100% waste to create maximum value.

We look at the world's challenges, technologies, it's waste streams and solutions through a CO2 reduction lense

We are supporting 12 of 17 UN sustainable development goals

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